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Saigon’s first release with Amalgam Digital, “All In A Day’s Work”, was recorded in 24 hours and production was handled exclusively by Statik Selektah, who made the following statement:

“Working with Saigon in those twenty four hours and getting songs done so fast showed why he should be held as one of the greatest to ever do it”

When asked about the unique nature of the release, Saigon made the following statement:

“This album, “All In A Day’s Work” is a bonafide Hip Hop classic created from beginning to end in twenty four hours. It is a definitely a spark in the right direction for the resurgence of East Coast Hip Hop. I teamed up with producer Statik Selektah and Amalgam Digital and we came together to present the world with the best album of the year 2009, aside from my debut of course, “The Greatest Story Never Told” which will soon follow…”

01. To Be Told
02. So Cruel
03. The Rules
04. My Crew
05. Prepare For War
06. Spit
07. Lady Sings The Blues
08. Lose Her
09. Goodbye
10. The Reason
11. I Warned You

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