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Listen to track 5, "Self Taught"

1. Champion (Remix) – 4:42
2. Bad Ma Fucka – 4:27
3. Sleepwalker – 3:48
4. Love on Display – 3:28
5. Self Taught – 4:04
6. Head Down (You Haven't Done That Yet) – 3:59
7. Chain Link – 4:25
8. Waheedah's Hands – 4:04
9. Rain Water – 6:09
*All tracks produced by Ant

*Excerpt fron*
For an EP that is 40 minutes long, this is truly remarkable stuff....I bought this EP and it's full length predecessor "Shadows of the Sun" (which I have yet to listen to), at the same time, and I've (Bizarrely) stuck this EP of my first listening experience of Brother Ali, and whilst listening to it, I was just wowed by his stunning ability to lay this all down on record, and express a level of consciousness, and ability of Weaving intricate stories, that is staggering in many places. This is so far ahead of what's out there, that it ceases to be funny. This is one of the most brilliantly written, and impressively crafted hip-hop albums in recent years, and it's less concerned with sounding good, whilst your rolling in your ride, and more interested in making you think, long after you've removed the CD, from your CD Player (although that's months later, for some of you). Whether your into thinking man's Hip-Hop, Indie Hip-Hop, or you just wanna listen to hip-hop that isn't concerned with dumbing down the music/message, in an effort to get regular MTV rotation, then it's time to open your wallet (or purse), and make the purchase, for one of hip-hop's most sorely underrated acts.