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A Producer and emcee group CAEN Project (Cimer Amor and Equinox) have just released their debut album Caesars’ Vengeance. Filled with tough in your face beats and lyrics, the Philly duo are on the march conquer the hip hop the world like a Roman legion. Joining forces with Q-Unique, AOTP alumni: Reef The Lost Cauze, Crypt The Warchild, King Syze, Des Devious, Dj Kwestion, as well as, Side Effect, Killer Rellik, Rockie Reyes, Product, Daniela Romeo, Dj Skipmode, eNeM, Granz, Iron Kong and Ldorado.

Listen to track 9, "Buck The System"

01. The Anthem
02. Scorpion King Feat. Dj Skipmode
03. Breaking Poynt Feat. Killer Rellik
04. Fatherless
05. Hattori Hanzo Feat. King Syze Iron Kong Ldorado & Dj Kwestion
06. Ambush Feat. Des Devious & Rockie Reyes
07. Osage Feat. Water Side Effect & Danelle
08. Ides Of March
09. Buck The System
10. Turbilance Feat. Crypt The Warchild
11. Court Marshall Feat. Reef The Lost Cauze & Q-Unique
12. Scarred
13. Diary Feat Enem & Granz
14. Main Concern Feat. Product
15. Declaration

Don't sleep on this album, dope release out of Philly. Equinox also appears on the new Snowgoons album. Peep the tracklist, if you dig A.O.T.P. then this one's for you!!!