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Do you know him? If not, you soon will. Born Jean Myrthil, Rise hails from the Park Slope section of Brooklyn. “The artist in Jean” has successfully, with little promotion, established himself as one of the more prominent independent artists. Rise has become a household name within the underground circuit. In 1998, he expanded his role for a commercial appearance on the famed “Lyricist Lounge Volume 1” album on Rawkus Records which garnered attention from much of the important music industry. Rise began his career stunning the hip hop community with feature after feature of recordings with established producers, independent artists, and underground mixtape appearances. Industry insiders began to take note early on and were impressed by his hustle, talent and pure ambition.

In 1999, after running into Rise at many of those famed Lyricist Lounge ciphers, then up-and-coming MC, Apathy, noticed Rise’s impeccable skills and the two began spitting their clever rhymes back and forth, impressing each other respectfully. That connection further lead up to Rise becoming a member of the now world renown Demigodz collective and sparked classic recordings such as “The Smackdown”, “Every Emcee”, and eventually contributing razor sharp verses to the mega-popular “The Godz Must Be Crazy” EP released in 2002.

From his humble beginnings, Rise raised the bar for hip hop by formulating a distinct delivery with an abundance of witty punchlines, vivid storytelling and thought-provoking verses. Collecting more fans as he travelled through the New York City underground show circuit, he built a name for himself amongst his contemporaries as the rapper to emulate. Rise has managed to gain attention from the worldwide hip-hop community by touring Japan, Sweden and Denmark. Rise was also able to fulfill his dream of starting his own label with the introduction of his very own, Results Period Records.

Listen to track 12, "The Wickedest Flow"

1. Well Well Well Feat. The Demigodz
2. Arrogant Feat. Substantial, Tone Def, & Pack FM
3. DJ Unknown Freestyle Feat. Akrobatik & Eddie Brock
4. Eddie ILL & DL Freestyle Feat. Apathy, Wiseguy, Gaston, Punchline & Wordsworth
5. Every Emcee Feat. Apathy
6. Nothing's Changed Feat. Mr. Complex & Eddie Brock
7. The Smackdown Feat. Apathy, Celph titled & C-Rayz Walz
8. DJ Unknown Freestyle Feat. Apathy
9. Memories Feat. Wordsworth
10 .Do You Know Him
11. No Faith
12. The Wickedest Flow
13. B.U.R.
14. Do What Is True Feat. Phase One
15. So Interesting
16. Rockit Like This
17. My Life
18. Sigh Of Relief
19. Get Away Feat. Ria
20. Evolution


1. Turn Me Off
3. Say Something
4. From A Child To An MC
5. Satisfied Feat. Madafi
6. Vote
7. Tune You Out
8. Part Of The Game
9. In My Head
10. Mercy
11. War
12. Trapped In America
13. Tell You Something Feat. Wordsworth & Masta Ace
14. Do You Know Him 2
15. Represent
16. Love My Music
17. Talk Too Much
18. Time
19. Make Sure
20. Do The Damn Thing

One of the best punchline rappers around, up there with Celph Tilted & PackFM, probably better in my opinion as you have to really think about what Rise spits sometimes and then you'd be like... "Daaaamn, that was a ill line"!!! He's not with Demigodz anymore so even more reason to cop this exclusive compilation.


Shouts to Schnooklyn Zoo for this one!