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Listen to track 2, "Gold"
Listen to track 5, "Help"

A new era of music has arrived. The City Slick duo consisting of producer Fluent and emcee Decay aim to grab your attention by force, if necessary. Hailing from Chicago, Il, Decay hijacks listener's eardrums with gritty rhymes about real life experience drawn from Chicago streets. Fluent, an Akron, Oh native, creates vivid soundscapes that are both fresh and inspiring. Truly on another level. City Slick met in 2004 through soundclick. Even though their collaborations have been mostly been done on the internet, the chemistry found in their music has become a rarity lately.

Seriously, this is an amazing album, if you dig Madlib then you gotta check this out. Fluent is crazy ill with the beats, on some blunted soulful type shit, peep their MySpace for samples. Decay comes correct on the mic also... shout outs to Green Llama & Molemen Records.

01. Intro
02. Gold
03. Pressure feat. Tony Liv
04. Still Hated
05. Help
06. Until The Sun Comes Up Pt. 2
07. Blocks feat. Selfish
08. Too Stupid Intermission feat. Ill Don
09. One
10. Soul Blast
11. Heavyweight Agenda feat. Rhyme Scheme
12. What You Call it?
13. The Emcee
14. Black Composer
15. Fuck With Us feat. Selfish