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Listen to track 15, "So Bad" feat. Tone Liv
Listen to track 26, "Baby"

This is the perfect companion piece to City Slick, fans of Madlib & J. Dilla will love this album.

01 00:35 Intro
02 01:35 Imwityou
03 04:02 The Flyest
04 02:32 Throwback sh*t
05 01:13 Somebeat
06 02:11 Tilthesuncomesup
07 02:29 Fortune Cookies
08 01:08 Heroin (Prod. Ill Don)
09 02:41 Green
10 03:00 Crazy
11 03:21 727
12 01:09 Interlude
13 02:00 Cereal ft. Decay
14 02:32 WWIV ft. Butta Verses
15 02:25 So Bad ft. Tone Liv
16 01:17 Anothabeat
17 02:14 Summertime
18 02:48 Bang!
19 01:04 Interlude
20 03:13 Slop ft. Decay
21 02:23 All I Need
22 01:12 Onemorebeat
23 01:38 Lastone
24 01:13 Interlude
25 04:55 Funkclub
26 02:46 Baby

Comprised of emcees/producers Fluent and Selfish, Uncut Raw claims both Akron, Ohio and Chicago, Illinois as their home-territory. Their debut album, a 26-track patchwork of dusty (and dusted) Hip-Hop titled First Toke, is out now on the independent Green Llama Records. At the risk of sounding melodramatic, it's the kind of album (like Enta Da Stage, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, Funcrusher plus, and Operation: Doomsday) that comes along every now-and-again to remind me of exactly what I love about Hip-Hop, offering assurances that no matter what happens, real, raw, dirty-sounding, sample-based Hip-Hop can't ever die. When I put a track from First Toke on a recent podcast I described it as "under-under-underground, super-duper Indie-Rap, backpack craziness" and "gutter, basement, recorded-in-the-bathroom Rap." If you're a fan of the beatmaking aesthetic and lyrical styling of classic Wu Tang Clan, early MF Doom, Dilla's Stones Throw output, and Madlib at his dustiest, you need the tapedeck-era throwback-Rap of Uncut Raw's First Toke. *Review taken from*