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Listen to track 3, "Whatever (Revisited)"

1. What Up Ak
2. Still Phantoms
3. Whatever (Revisited)
4. Real Quick (feat. Mr. Greenweedz & Rita J)
5. Triple Beam (feat. El Da Sensei & Theaster)
6. My World (feat. Tanya Reed)
7. We Like To Party
8. Live It (feat. Rita J)
9. Soul She Feel (feat. Wildchild from Lootpack)
10. Paragon (feat. J. Rawls of Lone Catalysts)
11. Lovin Living (feat. Jovizee)
12. Team Daily
13. What's Going
14. Why You Wanna (feat. Iomos Marad)
15. Microphone Professionals (feat. Capital D) (Prod. by Panik)
16. (Untitled) - (hidden track)
17. (Untitled) - (hidden track)
18. (Untitled) - (hidden track)

Team Daily is the first album release from Daily Plannet. Team Daily is laced with impressive beats from producers like Dug Infinite, Panik & PNS from the Molemen, S.C., capital D, Madd Crates, and J. Rawls. Twin brothers, Allstar & Spotlite hold down the mic with strength as they rock rhymes of style, flavor, and purpose over the 15 tracks of musical diversity. Guests on the mic include Wildchild of the Loot Pack, and Medaphor, along with El Da Sensei, and Family Tree members capital D, Iomos Marad, Mr. Greenweedz, and Rita J. Team Daily is a stand out album that you can bang from beginning to end.


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*Note* Track 16 & 18 just space, only track 17 is a full track, called Unforgettable Force feat. MED & Wildchild!

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