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Listen to track 8, "Brandi" feat. Slum Village

Dwele’s not exactly an emcee, but he’s as Hip Hop as they come. The Detroit soul singer got his start by working with the likes of J Dilla, Slum Village and Bahamadia, and the past couple years have seen him contribute hooks to superstars Common and Kanye West. Last year’s Grammy Awards serve as a perfect example of Dwele’s dual citizenship between Hip Hop and R&B: both his interpretation of Earth, Wind & Fire’s “That’s the Way of the World” and his collaboration with Kanye, “Flashing Lights,” were nominated for awards. Dwele hopes to capitalize off of his newfound exposure with Sketches of a Man—his upcoming LP that he says is more Hip Hop than his previous two releases.

It is said that his independent record deal with KOCH has allowed Dwele to create music more close to his desire, as opposed to working within the restrictions of formula R&B/soul that he’d continually had issues with while on Virgin. The new album brings Dwele back to a more gritty, experimental, and non-overproduced sound - one that originally caught peoples ears with his first EP demo Rize released in 1998.

01. Sketches Of A Man (Intro) 01:40
02. Free As A Bird 03:27
03. Feels So Good 03:21
04. Blow Your Mind 01:24
05. A Few Reasons (Truth Pt. 2) 03:49
06. Open Your Eyes 03:21
07. Workin' On It 01:18
08. Brandi (feat. Slum Village) 03:24
09. 5 Dolla Mic 01:57
10. I'm Cheatin' 03:43
11. You Won't Be Lonely 00:59
12. Love Ultra 03:52
13. Travelin' Girl 04:29
14. If You Want To (feat. Lloyd Dwayne & J. Tait) 04:01
15. Shady 04:30
16. 70's 01:48
17. Vain 04:52
18. Spiritual 02:01
19. I'm Sorry (Wake The Music Baby) 03:48
20. Body Rock 03:09