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Effect has been doing his thing for a while. From first picking up the mic at 8 to his first collaboration with Boston Music Award winner rapper/producer D-Tension on "They Want Real" at the age of 17 to releasing The Effect EP in 2005, Effect has been representing Boston in a big way. With the success of the single "Gotta Be Something" from The Effect, Effect dropped "F*ck Friends" on D-Tension's 2006 Contacts + Contracts Vol. 2 which became his first worldwide hit. Now, Effect is back with twenty tracks on Fine Tuned Tantrum which features production exclusively by D-Tension and appearances from Beantown's finest: Akrobatik, Termanology, Krumbsnatcha, and K-Soul (of Ill Natural). Stepping out from behind the boards, D-Tension also makes an appearance on "It Ain't Me" in which the two recreate the Bob Dylan classic. On Fine Tuned Tantrum, Effect exhibits growth and maturity not only as a lyricist, but also as an individual and his rhymes and content reflect this change.

1. Opening Statements
2. The Back Seat Of My Car
3. Crush The Competition feat. Akrobatik
4. We Don't Relate
5. Interlude One: 12” Flyers
6. My Kinda Girl
7. Hunger Strike feat. Termanology & Krumbsnatcha
8. The Going Rate (Stop Asking)
9. Stay feat. K-Soul
10. Interlude Two: Sarcasm Detector
11. Something To Bitch About
12. Corporate America
13. The Handle
14. I Hurt People
15. Interlude Three: Back To Work
16. Wait feat. Dave Butler
17. It Ain't Me feat. D-Tension
18. Lady Heroin
19. Night Fights Day
20. Closing Statements
21. Untitled Bonus Track
*All songs produced by D-Tension