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Two of the biggest and most charismatic indie rappers are at it again. Slug & Murs return to pay homage to another "underground" actress in need of a little well deserved attention. This time they brought Atmosphere producer Ant along to create the musical bed for this fun filled soul/funk ride.

Listen to track 12, "Woman Tonight"

1. Reintroduciton
2. Employees Of The Year
3. Your Mans and Them
4. Lisa (Never Easty On My Nextel)
5. Morris Day
6. Dirty Girl
7. Early Mornin' Tony
8. Breaker Down Like a Shotgun
9. Marvin Gaye
10. Life Vegas
11. Bonet (Cement Angels)
12. Woman Tonight
13. Gangster Ass Anthony
14. The Biggest Lie
15. I Shot a Warhol

Do not let this album pass you by, Murs & Slug are legends in the underground hip hop scene and to have them both spittin on the same album with Ant on the boards, well... you can't go wrong can ya!!! Check out the classic tracks: Morris Day, Dirty Girl, Marvin Gaye & Woman Tonight!!


Felt - Early Mornin' Tony