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01 - The Rubix Cube
02 - The Eternal
03 - Serve Justice Ft. Killah Priest
04 - The Mystery Reader
05 - Dream Spiral
06 - Philosophers Stone Age Ft. White Lotus
07 - Chuang Tzu
08 - President Evil (Bonus Remix)


Background Info:

The Lost Children Of Babylon are a Philadelphia-based spiritual Hip-Hop group. First displaying their eloquent skills on Jedi Mind Tricks' first single, The Amber Probe in 1995, Rasul Allahu (The Face Of The Golden Falcon), and Dawoud (The Breath Of Huwa), laid the foundation that would later become the Lost Children.


Shortly before the turn of the century, Rasul found himself heading down a different path than the Jedi Mind Tricks. It was time for The Lost Children to prove their worth amongst the Philly underground scene. The group's reputation had been acknowledged for years, yet they had no physical manifestation of their work to show. Rasul began to rally the troops. Calling upon The Breath Of Huwa, Delaware's Richard Raw, North West Philly's Cosmic Crusader, and North Philly's Ancient Kemite; the band of shamans began to congregate in the studio. Under the production assistance of Germantown's DJ Man E, LCOB started to concoct the rhythmic mandala that is Where Light Was Created: The Equidivium.


Combining the Right Knowledge spread by Dr. Malachi Z. York, the master teacher of the Nuwaubians, and a variety of culturally infused theories about the creation and ultimate destiny of the human soul, the rhymes featured on The Equidivium are considered super-conscious, to say the least. Nuwaubu is a belief system which encourages the vigorous study of ancient texts and books written by various teachers of various cultures. Although inter- changeable with the United Nuwaubian Nation Of Moors, it appeals to individuals of any race who are interested in diverse spiritual ideas and self improvement.

The Equidivium: Where Light Was Created (2001)

Words From the Duat: The Book of Anubis (2003)

The 911 Report: The Ultimate Conspiracy (2005)

Coming Soon... The Appendices: The Scroll Of Lost Tales