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Listen to track 2 (Lead Single), "Keep Comin" feat. Supastition, Torae & Tiffany Page

As the music industry grows, changes & redefines itself, there are very few artists that stay true to their form while moving with the times. Shabaam Sahdeeq is one of those consistent rarities that do so, on a daily basis. Shabaam began creating Hip Hop music at the age of 15. Through street battles, mix tape appearances & numerous DVD features, Shabaam became a street legend over night. As an artist on the roster of Rawkus Records he solidified his spot as a key player in the Hip Hop game & helped begin a movement that hasnt slowed down since. Shabaam stunned the Hip Hop community with lyrics that dominated the SoundBombing Series & the Lyricist Lounge. Some of his most popular features include the Simon Says along side Pharoahe Monch, Busta Rhymes, Lady Luck, Redman & Method. 12"s also include Sound Clash" b/w "5 Star Generals" (feat Eminem), "R U Ready b/w Concrete" (feat Xzibit), "3D b/w Eat This Year". Also appeared on "WWIII" with Pharaohs Monch, "25 To Life" with the Cocoa Brovas, "What If" with L Fudge, 1 For The Love" with Rah Digga, Kool G rap Common, Mos Def & Kweli, Sporty thieves & De la Soul, Hip-Hop For Respect and also worked on the Polyrhythm Addicts album.. Shabbaam has also blessed beats from many renowned producers including Alchemist, Hi-Tek ,Ayatollah, & DJ Spinna, A short stint in prison gave Shabaam some time to reflect on his career & gear up for the future. Depending on his skills rather than the marketability jail currently has on the industry has earned him much respect amongst his peers. He says I dont need to be behind bars, because Im behind bars (meaning lyrics.). Shabaam Sahdeeqs newest release Strategize on Draft Records, already holds weight in this industry & has every one watching for his next move.This leads us to his next album The Out Come also on Draft Records & tells the story weve all been waiting to hear. HIS VICTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

01. Intro (Feat Tony Touch, J Ronin, DJ Snips) 00:52
02. Keep Comin (Feat Supastition, Torae & Tiffany Paige) 03:44
03. The Streets Wont Let Me Go 03:39
04. Survival Sounds (Prod Khrysis) 02:18
05. Tell Me Your Name (Feat Steele Of Smif N Wessun & Young Coke) 02:30
06. Stay Tuned 01:51
07. Get It Get It (Feat Prince Charming) (Prod Mr. Man Of Bush Babees) 03:16
08. Get Money Now (Feat Prince Charming & Rebels) 04:13
09. Stupid Dance 02:38
10. Uno Dos Tres 02:27
11. Get Fired 02:58
12. I Don't Care (Feat Bronze K) 03:09
13. Snitches (Feat Killa Sha) 02:47
14. Grimy Niggaz (Feat Blaq Poet, Phanatasm, Killa Sha) 03:12
15. Lifestyles Of The Hood And Shameless 01:45
16. It Don't Stop (Feat Bronze K) 02:20
17. It's My Life (Feat Polyrythm Addicts & Phonte) 04:15
18. Connect 4 (Feat UG Of Cella Dwellas, Casual & Sean Price) 03:38
19. Lyrical Fluctuations (Feat Jigmastas, Mr Complex, Pharoahe Monch & Talib Kweli)
20. Show You Life (Feat Honorable & Zeqway) 03:09
21. Arabian Nights 03:23
22. By My Side 03:58