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Hip Hop at its finest. LA based emcee, Nieve, has a lyrical style that can only be described as smooth, poetic, vivid, and captivating. His debut album, "Away with Words," combines elements of Jazz, Classical, and HipHop.tracks

With a hip hop scene that’s oversaturated with extremely flashy rappers who lack substance and “overly- conscious” backpack emcees who lack intrigue and charisma, Nieve is an artist who offers a refreshing balance between form and content. A crucial member of the up and coming Los Angeles hip hop movement "The Real Ones", Nieve remains a cool, mellow, and humble artist who measures success in his craft and in his music, and not in money and fame. An intelligent emcee whose not afraid to entertain, Nieve garners his inspiration from many forms of art, music, literature and poetry.

Nieve (pronounced naïve) gave himself the name to represent his desire for constant knowledge and growth. Forever the student, Nieve is always sharpening his skills, and excelling as an emcee, writer, performer, and musician.

“I learn from everything that’s around me, my friends, my fellow musicians, even from the everyday people and situations that I come across in my environment. I don’t know all there is to know about the world, but I'll spend my life enjoying the journey and furthering my understanding."

More than just the average, mediocre artist, Nieve is a truly special emcee with a lot to offer the world in the days to come.

01. Chronic Intoxication
02. Another Day Comes
03. I Feel Free
04. So Smooth
05. Forever Changing
06. Play On
07. Midnight Baby
08. Anime Superhero
09. Jump Up
10. Blackbird
11. Fantasy
12. Priceless Few
13. Story Be Told
14. Chronic Intoxication (Nomak Remix)
15. Another Day Comes (Cradle Orchestra Remix)


Peep the video to "Chronic Intoxication"
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