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One of the best hip hop labels around, featuring a roster of MC's & producers such as CunninLynguists, Tonedeff, PackFM, Substantial, Kno, Domingo & more... This is the first of four QN5 compilations from the Baby Blue camp. Check the credits, you know this is worth checking out.
This will be the first post of my little dedication to the QN5 label... enjoy the other's, it only gets iller than this.

01 - Intro
02 - Arrogant (Ft Extended Famm & Rise) (Prod By Kno)
03 - Extended Famm - The Evil That Pens Do (Prod By Tonedeff)
04 - Uncle T - Codename Fuckyall Ft Tonedeff, PackFM & iCON The Mic King (Prod By Tonedeff)
05 - Tonedeff - Heads Up (Prod By Domingo)
06 - Tee Soprano & Nice2Ice - Million Dollar Bill (Prod By Tonedeff)
07 - KRS-One & Tondeff - Clear Em Out (Prod By Domingo)
08 - Mecca - Alphamale (Prod By Tonedeff)
09 - Extended Famm - How U Doin Ft Mecca (Prod By Tonedeff)
10 - Tondeff - Spanish Song (Prod By Domingo)
11 - PackFM - Relay Remix Ft Wordsworth & Rise (Prod By PackFM)
12 - Mecca - Insecure (Prod By Big Mike)
13 - Tonedeff - Shag (Prod By Domingo)
14 - Deacon The Villian - Woodgrain (Prod By Dtv)
15 - Deacon The Village - Against The Wall (Prod By Dtv)
16 - Tonedeff - Freeverse (Prod By Tonedeff)
17 - Tonedeff - Move In Ride Out (Prod By Dj Rob)
18 - The Plauge - Most High (Plague Anthem) (Prod By Tonedeff & PackFM)

Following in the tradition of former indie-powerhouse, Rawkus Records, QN5 Music set out to create the next compilation that would serve as the definitve annual mixtape for the label. Asterisk:One is a collection of exclusive & previously released singles, freestyles and b-sides 100% produced or featuring QN5 artists. The main purpose of this CD's creation was to sell at Rocksteady Crew's 25th Anniversary Celebration in New York City in 2002.

Utitlizing the wonders of technology, the dextourously gifted DJ JS-1 mixed, chopped & blended the various QN5 cuts into one cohesive CD mixtape with no gaps or pauses between cuts. This is 72 minutes of non-stop hip-hop music. This would also mark the 1st of many collaborations between the DJ & the label.

Pressed as a CD-R style mixtape, Asterisk:One managed to introduce the label to countless throngs of hungry hip-hop heads, with such cuts as the Kno-produced, "Arrogant (f/ Substantial, Tonedeff, PackFM & Rise)" and the very first appearance of Extended Famm on "The Evil That Pens Do".

Although, much of what is contained on Asterisk:One is previously released material, there are a few truly EXCLUSIVE tracks that can't be found on any other release in their entirety. Tracks such as The Plague's now infamous "Most High (Plague Anthem)" (complete with a 13.5 syllables per second appearance by Tonedeff), Mr. Mecca's first CD appearance on "Alphamale" and Deacon The Villain's ridiculously infectious roller, "Woodgrain".

Although Asterisk:One pales in comparison to the concentrated effort for exclusivity made on sequel, the mere fact that this is THE FIRST QN5 MIXTAPE is reason alone to pick this one up.