Listen to track 12, "Sonshine" feat. Tanya Morgan & Deacon the Villain
Listen to track 13, "Optimist" feat. Tonedeff
Listen to track 19, "Eyez" feat. Elite & Leo D.

Asterisk:Four is latest installment in this series of QN5 Music compilations of exclusive new music. Feauturing the talents of the entire QN5 artist roster (CunninLynguists, Tonedeff, PackFM, Substantial, Session) and production by the critically acclaimed QN5 Production Team (Domingo, Kno, Deacon, Elite & Tonedeff), this project gets an added boost with guest spots by affiliates such as Sean Price, Masta Ace, Tanya Morgan, Supastition, Bad Seed, Copywrite, Poison Pen & others.
All 25 exclusive tracks are blended front to back by DJ JS-1 of Rocksteady Crew/Ground Original for fans of classic Hip-Hop mixtapes in the vain of the Rawkus 'Soundboming' series.

01. Intro
02. QN5 All-Stars – “Fifth Gear” [Produced By Tonedeff]
03. Fresh Daily, Deacon The Villain & Supastition – “Rising” [Produced By Tonedeff]
04. Mr. SOS & PackFM – “Stop/Start” [Produced By Tonedeff]
05. PackFM – “Stomp Remix (f/ Sean Price, Copywrite, Bad Seed, Poison Pen, Session &
ArchRival)” [Produced By Elite]
06. The Plague – “Alive” [Produced By Tonedeff]
07. Session – “You Aint Shit” [Produced By Deacon The Villain]
08. IllMaculate & Okwerdz – “Rossi-Bomb” [Produced By Tonedeff]
09. Freestyle (of The Arsonists) – “Little People (f/ CunninLynguists)” – [Produced By Kno]
10. Inverse – “Look Around” [Produced by Kno]
11. Mr. SOS – “T.H.E.Y.” [Produced By Tonedeff]
12. Tanya Morgan – “Sonshine (f/ Deacon The Villain)” [Produced By Kno]
13. Tonedeff – “Optimist” [Produced By Tonedeff]
14. Substantial – “It’s You (I Think)” [Produced By Kno]
15. Masta Ace – “Play Hard” [Produced By: Kno]
16. PackFM – “Great God” [Produced By Tonedeff]
17. ArchRival – “Try All You Want” [Produced By Tonedeff]
18. PackFM & Tonedeff – “Ruthless” [Produced By Domingo]
19. Elite & Leo D. – “Eyes” [Produced By Malachi]
20. Substantial & Tonedeff – “Punk (Megashow Mix)” [Produced By Ferry Corsten]
21. Natti – “Baby” [Produced By YoungLORD]
22. Cashmere The Pro – “Know I Do” [Produced By Kno]
23. Session – “Oh Snap (f/ Poison Pen)” [Produced By Domingo]
24. Debut & Substantial – “Heads or Tails” [Produced By Domingo]
25. Chico & The Man – “My Lady” [Produced By Kno]