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The brand new album offering from QN5 Music. Containing 18 tracks of cannonfire from the baby-blue armada, featuring exclusive songs and guest spots from Last Emperor, Wordsworth, Bad Seed, Poison Pen & more!

This latest installment of Asterisk:Three was once again blended and minced by DJ JS-1. It features killers like PackFM's "Stomp" and the instantly catchy "U Talk 2 Much" by Session, Last Emperor & Substantial.

All the production was once again handled by the QN5 Production Team of Kno, Tonedeff, Deacon & Elite. This cd also contains the only CD appearance of the new CunninLynguists single, "Dirtay (f/ Wordsworth & Rise)" along with Cashmere the Pro's "Smoke Out".

Asterisk:Three features some stunning work by QN5's newest groups, Kynfolk, like the rollicking "Lil Daddy Pimp (f/ Rob Jackson)" , Deacon's somber "Take Me Back (f/ Rob Jackson & EmTre)". Not to mention, the highly-anticipated debut of Chico & The Man (aka Tonedeff & Kno) with the touching dedication track "No Hope (f/ Deacon)" that was made in the memory of their friend Dirty D. [RIP] who was killed in July of 2004.

This is another collection of exclusives and future classic from the QN5 camp that makes a welcome addition to the Asterisk family.

01) Intrance
02) Bad Seed & Mecca - Need U [Freeverse] - Produced By Elite
03) Poison Pen - Stoopid - Produced By Tonedeff
04) Last Emperor, Substantial & Session - U Talk 2 Much - Produced By Tonedeff
05) CunninLynguists - Dirtay (f/ Wordsworth & Rise) - Produced By Kno
06) Debut & Archrival - Get Down - Produced By Kno
07) Okwerdz - R. Kelly Mask [Freeverse] - Produced By Tonedeff
08) PackFM - Stomp - Produced By Tonedeff
09) Kynfolk - Lil Daddy Pimp (f/ Rob Jackson) - Produced By SunnyStylez
10) Evergreen Farms [skit]
11) Mecca - Aight To Death (f/ Deacon) - Produced By Deacon
12) CunninLynguists - Be Free (f/ Natty) - Produced By Kno
13) Session - The Route Of Evil - Produced By Tonedeff
14) Wordsworth - Defined [Freeverse] - Produced By Tonedeff
15) Substantial & SOS - Hammered - Produced By Tonedeff
16) Cashmere The PRO - Smoke Out - Produced By Kno
17) Deacon The Villain - Take Me Back (f/ Rob Jackson & em Tre) - Produced By Deacon
18) Kynfolk - Revenge (f/ SOS) - Produced By SunnyStylez
19) Chico & The Man - "No Hope (f/ Deacon)" - Produced By Kno

* Hidden JS-1 Bonus Scratch Cut