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Listen to track 2, "A Change Gon' Come"

For those of you that slept on last year’s Dedication from Rashid Hadee and for those that didn’t, Rashid dropped a new mixtape yesterday that is pure fi-yah!

Hosted by Rapper Big Pooh of Little Brother and mixed by Cosm Rocks, A Change Gon’ Come has a few cuts from Dedication, some new tracks, and some other Rashid Hadee produced cuts.

Dedication was one of my favorite albums from last year and Rashid produced one of my favorite tracks off Little Brother’s Getback LP, “Dreams”.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out Rashid, check this mixtape. After listenin’ to this, you’ll be runnin’ to your wrecka sto’ buying up all the copies of "Dedication" and "Serenade For The Moment"

01. "Big Pooh Intro"
02. “A Change Gon' Come”
03. “Pushers”
04. “You Can' t Hide”
05. “High Wednesday” Feat. Primeridian
06. “Heart Beat (Freestyle)”
07. “Back to Business” Feat. Melatone of Chapter 13 (Prod. By J-Dilla)
08. “What is it” Feat. Astonish & Jay Vega
09. “Fresh” Feat. Visual
10. “Explode” (Prod. By Analogic)
11. “Dreams (Interlude)”
12. “Dreams” Feat. Little Brother
13. “Feels Good” (Prod. By Dj PHD)
14. “When We Rock” Feat. Abstract Mindstate & Iomos Marad
15. “We Roll (Freestyle)”
16. “Watchin’ My Moves”
17. “Standing for Something” Feat. Thaione Davis (Prod. By Madlib)
18. “Duck, Duck, Duck’ Feat. Young Valentine
19. “You Never Know” Feat. Furlee of The Landlords
20. “Getting’ It In” Feat. Donwill of Tanya Morgan
21. “Black Sunday” Feat. Augustine & KING
22. “Fallin” Feat. Abstract Mindstate & O-Type Star
23. “Surrender”
24. “Surrender (Brand New Remix)” Feat. Rita J.
25. “Focused” Feat. F.O.O.D. (Decay & Selfish)
26. “Flyin’ High” Feat. Abstract Mindstate
27. “Oxygen” Feat. Pugs Atomz (Prod. By Pete Rock)
28. “All Day” Feat. Skinny Kenny
29. “Glam, Glitter” Feat. Cap D of All Natura
30. “How Long” Feat. KING
31. "Outro"
32. “My Life Story”

*All tracks produced by Rashid Hadee except where noted.

This dude is killin it right now, "Dedication" was a classic and so is "Serenade For The Moment" with producer Analogic. Do not sleep on this incredible Producer/MC out of Chicago, ya heard it hear first. Search "Rashid Hadee" and cop everything by him!!!