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Listen to track 6, "Explode"

Serenade for the Moment EP released by Soulspazm Records features Analogic providing the beats and Rashid Hadee on the rhymes.

This a must have EP!!! Analogic is one of my favorite producers right now, along with Rashid Hadee but here, Analogic handles all the beats, and it's nothing short of amazing. Listen to "Expode" and you'll see what I mean and Rashid Hadee, he rips the mic up, probably one of the best Producer/MC's out right now now, up there with Bronze Nazareth. I'll post up more stuff related to Analogic so you guys can see how good this guy really is on the boards.

01 Serenade for the Moment
02 The Awakening (feat. GQ)
03 Fightin Words (feat. EAST)
04 Timeless
05 Memory Lane
06 Explode
07 Don't Wanna Be Right


*Note* The EP comes with instrumentals for all the tracks plus 1 bonus instrumental.