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Groundbreaking producer and artist RZA needs no introduction. As the undisputed leader of the Wu-tang Clan, RZA has been one of the key music makers of our time. Now he's back as his much beloved character Bobby Digital and bringing his brand new studio album Digi Snacks. The video for the first single, “You Can't Stop Me Now," is impacting on major outlets right now.

On Digi Snacks, Bobby Digital is engulfed in a story of revenge, betrayal, seduction, hustlin' and pimpin' slaves as souls, complete with a cast of characters that includes the return of The Raven, The Hawk, The Eagle, The Vulture, The four fouls of prey and, of course, Barbara Peppers. Bobby Digital explains, "If you follow the character, he's always talking with himself between good and evil, trying to balance himself. Sometimes when you think you're all the way at the end, you're actually at the beginning."

01. Digi Snacks (Intro) (ft. Understanding) 02:07
02. Long Time Coming 04:11
03. You Can't Stop Me Now (ft. Inspectah Deck) 04:09
04. Straight Up The Block 03:01
05. Booby Trap (ft. Dexter Wiggles) 03:40
06. Try Ya Ya Ya (ft. Thea van Seijen) 03:32
07. Good Night (ft. Rev. Burk, Thea van Seijen, and Crisis) 05:04
08. No Regrets 03:01
09. Money Don't Own Me (ft. Monk and Stone Mecca) 04:52
10. Creep (ft. Black Knights) 04:44
11. Drama (ft. Monk and Thea van Seijen) 05:00
12. Up Again 06:19
13. Put Your Guns Down 03:34
14. Love Is Digi (Part II) (ft. Kinetic and Crisis) 02:47
15. O' Day 04:00
16. Bonus Track 04:05


Hmmm, not sure what I think of this one, the single didn't really get me hyped but it's RZA yo, and anything by the mighty Wu is worth checking out. Anyone who's heard this, leave a comment, let us know what you think.