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Vast returns with his sophomore solo-LP Dueces Wild, which will be released on 6.24.08 on One Records. With guest appearances from Camp Lo’s Gecchi Suede (The Dynamic Duo), Copywrite (Give Me The Mic) and a Pete Rock produced Cannibal Ox reunion track (Mecca And The Ox) Vast concluded the recording sessions for Dueces Wild supremely confident with the music he had created and states "I put letter ’U’ before the ’E’ in the LP title because I have paid my dues and this is the best music I have ever made. This project is about the power of the number 2 and the truth and the balance of the Yin-Yang.

1. You Know (produced by Lee Parasite)
2. T.V. Land (produced by Melodius Monk)
3. Take Two (produced by Melodius Monk)
4. The Dynamic Duo f/Geechi Suede of Camp Lo (produced by Aspect One)
5. Give Me That Mic f/Copywrite (produced by Rocktight)
6. Mecca And The Ox f/Vordul Mega (produced by Pete Rock)
7. Back 2 Basics” (produced by Melodius Monk)
8. Lunchroom Rap (It’s Nothing) (produced by Oh No)
9. When Starz Fall f/Double A.B., Thanos, Swave Sevah & Karniege (produced by DJ Priority Musik)
10. The Crush (produced by Thanos)
11. Shu (The God of Aire) (produced by Thanos)
12. Graveyard Shift f/Genesis (produced by Melodius Monk)
13. The Man With Out Fear (produced by Melodius Monk)