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His third, and strongest, outing to date, Priest, Thief + Wizard is a solid collection of infectious grooves destined to win friends and influence people. Blame One spits with classic cool. Poised and poetic, his rhymes are silk and exercise a constant flow with casual, sparsely interjected rupture. This is a page straight from the textbook of hip-hop theory. Blame One is truly an MC’s MC.

Stemming from a purely independent production philosophy, Blame One’s creations exhibit a very unique hip-hop presence. Unexcitable, unexaggerated, and yet unadulterated, on the mic it would seem that Blame One just doesn’t give a shit. Maybe it’s that he gives too much. He speaks the real for those drowning in the overblown. No bullshit. No ego trips. This is hip-hop for hip-hoppers without any time for bumptious, hyperbolic beats.

Blame One’s music speaks for itself. Consistently throwing it back to old school funk/soul, his beats are classic to the core with literate intelligible rhymes to sink your teeth into. This is serious substance. A typical, anti-modern hip-hop backlash is complemented with legitimate commentary of politics, life and the wave-like effect of our actions. Like some preachy MC’s, Blame One doesn’t claim to be a revolutionary, nor does he lecture from an infallible perspective. The album is accompanied by the simple request that you just listen. Simply take heed.

Honestly, you’d be foolish to pass this one up. An MC like this is rare. Catch it before he explodes, goes major label and the world wants to get their fingers in it. This is the real, raw hip-hop scripture and it might not be pure for long.
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Listen to track 10, "Knock Em Out The Box"

1 Spell Casting (Prod. by KanKick)
2 Priest, Thief & Wizzard
3 That's What I Say
4 Everliving (Prod. by Mr. Brady)
5 Gotta Be Ready (Prod. by KanKick)
6 Its On Now!
7 Mr. Talkative
8 Drifting
9 Jah Is Powefull! (Prod. by KanKick)
10 Knock Em Out The Box (Prod. by Exile)
11 Deep Doo Doo
12 So Happy
13 Micro Mute
14 Outro


Seriously, you'd be a fool to pass up one of the best hip hop albums in 2006... if fact, one of the best hip hop albums, period!!! Blame is a supa dope MC with a silky smooth flow who seems to flow effortlessly over each & every track, backed by some serioulsy ill production, you'll be kickin yourself for not knowing about this dude earlier. He's got 2 other albums and a couple of EP's so hit me up if you want them. Also, he has a brand new album droppin late summer '08 called "Days Chasing Days" featuring big names such as Sean Price, Black Milk, Exile, Oh No, Blu & much more!!!
To wet ya appetite peep this xclusive video of one the tracks from his forthcoming album called "Supreme Beings"... this has got me soo hyped it ain't even funny... do not sleep!!!!!

...and peep this classic track "Grown Man Rap" from the 2003 album "Chemically Imbalanced"