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Contacts + Contracts is the first full length release from the very talented and versatile producer D-Tension who has worked for Edo G with Tajai and Casual of Hieroglyphics, Krumbsnatcha, Thirstin Howl III, Akrobatik and many others .This album ranges from the quality intelligent lyricism of Mr Lif’s Trouble Shooting and Encore’s It’s Time to the sexual exploits of Thirstin’ Howl’s Orgasms and L-Fudge’s Hunt’s Point to the cutting and scratching whirlwind that is 7L’s Who’s That. Also you can find the battle rhymes of Thin Line and D-Tension’s hilarious self criticizing ‘My Fashion Statement’. All this over an eclectic mix of neck snapping instrumentals, strung nicely together with interludes that would make Prince Paul proud.

1. 7L - 'Who's That'
2. Encore - 'It's Time (Ode To Breakin' Atoms)
3. Checkmark, Esoteric & Mic Stylz - 'Thin Line'
4. Thirstin Howl III - 'Orgasms'
5. Contact Interlude
6. Akrobatik - 'The Fugitive'
7. El Da Sensei - 'Hard Times (Hard Rhymes)'
8. D-Tension - 'My Fashion Statement'
9. Breez Evahflowin' - 'Open'
10. L-Fudge - 'A Night At Hunt's Point'
11. Contacts Interlude
12. Mr. Lif - 'Trouble Shooting' Listen
13. Clockworx - 'Rudi'
14. Apani B-Fly Emcee - 'True + Exact'
15. Pizza S**t Interlude
16. D-Tension - 'The Producer'