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What do you get when you have a monstrous flow and a stature to match? The answer is King Magnetic. The 6'9 Pennsylvanian got involved in hip-hop in the early 90's. From rocking' house parties to 4 track demo tapes. Shortly after being kicked out of high school and serving 8 months in juvenile detention, Mag was sentenced to five-years. Using this time to further hone his rhyming skill (with help from Quarter Pound) Magnetic was finally granted work release with recording privileges. After making some regional noise, a parole violation had Magnetic maxing-out his 5-year sentence. Within four months he was facing up to fourteen years for drug & gun charges. Realizing you can't sprint your whole life Mag decided to slow down and start a family.

Magnetic never quite left the game completely. He could still be seen performing, gaining notoriety for his unmistakable flow, while producing tracks for some of PA's top Independent artists. Mag kicked the door down when he produced the Philly anthem "The Sound of Philadelphia" for Reef the Lost Cauze. It wasn't until 2006 after annihilating Penn's Landing stage in front of thousands with hip hop legends such as Redman, Wu-Tang & EPMD-there was no question it was the King's calling. Mag began to pen Everything's A Gamble Volume as a prelude for his Upcoming full-length debut. "Everything's A Gamble" features underground heavyweights Sean Price, Edo G, Chino XL, Copywrite amongst others. While recording his solo project, Mag was invited to appear on the legendary Army of the Pharaohs (AOTP) LP "The Ritual of Battle". Spearheaded by world-renowned Jedi Mind Tricks' front man Vinnie Paz. After standing out on tracks such as "Drama Theme" and Black Christmas", Mag earned a coveted spot in the Army of the Pharaohs.

1. What?
2. One King
3. King and The Cauze (featuring Reef the Lost Cauze & DJ Kwestion)
4. Hi @ Work (featuring Hakim of Channel Live)
5. What It Is (featuring Godilla & Chino XL)
6. Bully Shit (featuring Sean Price)
7. Beast
8. I Don't Know You
9. Who Made the Rules (featuring Edo G, Reef the Lost Cauze & Godilla)
10. Better Than Perfect
11. Monster (featuring Reef the Lost Cauze & Tug McRaw)
12. My Song (featuring DJ Kwestion)
13. The 5 Piece (featuring Copywrite, Godilla, Adlib & Kasper)
14. Crown Me

This is the official digital release, not the mixtape version from last year. Don't sleep on King Mag, if you peeped A.O.T.P.'s "Ritual of Battle", you should already know about this dude. He's got a sick flow and rips every track track he spits on. King Mag is also about to release his next mixtape called "The Co-Sign". Click here for more details.


"I Don't Know You"

"Crown Me"