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Created by those individuals true to hip-hop as an art form, the Trapjaw Affiliates organized in order to create music that represented both the groups positive and far reaching dynamic and each individual’s strength as an artist to display their passion in a positive light. With the completion of their first album, “The Trapjaw Affiliates Vol. 1” we see the strength the group has together, as every track resonates with a tribute to the “old school” with a “new school” feel. Heavily symbolized by the mastery of each individual’s element, we see that Trapjaw has the potential to break into the mainstream while preserving the culture they embrace. In the words of Trapjaw’s own DC, “In my eyes, we have no weak links. Individually, everyone in Trap is a monster as a solo artist and strong as a human being and we all look out for each other. When we come together and focus, the end result is incredible.

Group Members: DC the MIDI Alien, DJ iLLogix, Granite State (Bugout & Doug York), Apeshit, LB, Undu-Kati, Ayesceau, Rawn Hogan.

1 A Few Words From Skeletor
2 Show You The Way feat. Bugout, LB, Apeshit
3 What We Do feat. LB, Bugout
4 Invincible (Trap Remix) feat. Undu Kati, Doug York, Rawn Hogan
5 All On My Nutsac '07 feat. Bugout, Apeshit
6 Snake Charmer feat. LB, Undu Kati, Bugout
7 Second Nature feat. LB, Doug York
8 Still So Cool feat. Apeshit, Rawn Hogan, Undu Kati, LB, Doug York, Bugout
9 Aiiight Chill '07
10 From The Granite On Up feat. Apeshit, Rawn Hogan, Doug York
11 This World feat. Doug York, Apeshit
12 Home Team feat. Bugout, Undu Kati, LB, Apeshit, Rawn Hogan, Doug York
13 Lose It feat. Bugout, Doug York
14 If You Want It feat. Bugout, Doug York, LB , Undu Kati
15 Get Ya Hustle Up feat. Rawn Hogan, Apeshit
16 Get It Right feat. Apeshit, Undu Kati, LB, Candice
17 Keep Ya Hustle Up feat. LB, Apeshit
*All tracks produced by DC the MIDI Alien: Except 11, 12 & 15
*Tracks 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 13, 14: Cuts by DJ iLLogix


"What We Do" & "Still So Cool" Music Video