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Back in 1994, Hip Hop icons the D.I.T.C. (Diggin' In The Crates) crew, which features Rap heavyweights Fat Joe, Big L, O.C., Diamond D, Showbiz & A.G., Lord Finesse and Buck Wild, went into NYC's Chung King Studio to make an album. Using their established brand and trademark sound, they decided to shine some light on up and comers 40 oz, Armageddon, Terror Tongue, Amed, Silky Black, Page, Silky Black and Ghetto Dwellars and backed them with the production of Show, Diamond D, Buck Wild and Lord Finesse. Unfortunately, due to the usual industry red tape, the album was shelved... until now. Show himself has gone deep into the D.I.T.C. vaults and unearthed the 11 original tracks along with a remix of "Big Apple Gone Rotten" featuring Fat Joe. Unreleased Production 1994 is vintage D.I.T.C. sound: dusty, dark loops with neck snapping drums and deep booming bass. This album was defiantly forward-thinking for 1994 with the Diggin' In The Crates delegates showcasing more of the Quincy Jones soundtrack sound than the traditional early 90s uptempo, familiar break beat sound. With Unreleased Production 1994 finally being released to the masses in 2008, be ready for more coming from the D.I.T.C. family including a new studio album and a Show & AG project.

1. Fat Joe & Armagedon - 'Big Apple Gone Rotten' (Produced By: Show)
2. Terror Tongue - 'Lyrical Threat' (Produced By: Diamond D)
3. 40oz & Amed - 'Just One Of Those Days' (Produced By: Lord Finesse)
4. Silky Black - 'My Style' (Produced By: Show)
5. Page - 'Mass Hysteria' (Produced By: Buckwild)
6. 40oz & Amed - 'Down For The Crown' (Produced By: Amed)
7. Silky Black - 'Step Up and Get Some' (Produced By: Show)
8. Ghetto Dwellas - 'Feel The Beat' (Produced By: Show)
9. Deshawn - 'Snakes' (Produced By: Show)
10. Fat Joe & Armagedon - 'Big Apple Gone Rotten (Remix)' (Produced By: Show)
11. Lord Finesse - 'True And Living' (Produced By: Lord Finesse)
12. Lord Finesse - 'Check The Method' (Produced By: Lord Finesse)