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“Real Shit” is the debut album/compilation from French producer Djimon. Living on another continent didn’t stop him from compiling a solid line-up of up and coming MC’s, most of which are from North America. The best track of the album is also the best bit of promo he could ever ask for. DJ Premier’s protégé Blaq Poet rips his joint “Into the Warzone,” over a grimy beat that makes you want go out and just stomp someone. Throughout the chorus, Poet screams “Djimon,” something that would usually piss me off, (I’d rather hear lyrics not producer shout-outs,) but Poet’s flow is too ill and voice is too commanding to pay it any mind.

Djimon’s arsenal has grimy drums, sample heavy beats, smooth, jazzy joints and Primo-esque scratched hooks that all combine for a cohesive, focused sound. Listen closely and you may hear a couple of your favorite samples of the last few years get a new spin. Guest spots from established acts like Blaq Poet, Strange Fruit Project and Tribeca (remember them!) are mixed with ill tracks from new artists Free Speech, Willmatic, Ilwill and Akshun. The Justus League and some of their frequent collaborators invade the LP as well, Cesar Comanche, Sean Boog (of the Away team), The Undefined and L.E.G.A.C.Y. all contribute solid efforts.

MC’s, take my advice and get at Djimon before you can’t afford him!

Listen to track 6, "American Werewolf In Paris" feat. L.E.G.A.C.Y.

1. Intro
2. I Live My Life feat. Free Speech & Willmatic
3. Live Learn Love feat. Godamus Rhyme & Verbal Seed
4. Lost Souls feat. Strange Fruit Project & Mega
5. Into The Warzone feat. Blaq Poet
6. American Werewolf In Paris feat. L.E.G.A.C.Y.
7. Make A Move feat. Focus & Soul
8. Terra Firma feat. SoulStice & Doomsday
9. Southern State Of Mind feat. Akshun
10. 2:08am feat. 208 Dragons
11. The Testimony v2.0 feat. The Undefined (Edgar Allen Floe & Mal Demolish)
12. Real Talk Real shit feat. Tribeca & Free Speech
13. Beautiful feat. Ilwil
14. Visualize feat. Cesar Comanche
15. Bottomless Kids feat. Willmatic
16. Customer Service feat. Diablo Archer
17. I Know feat. Dynas
18. Fuck What You Heard feat. Sean Boog (of The Away Team)
19. Time Is Running Out feat. Tanya Morgan
20. Outro

This is a must have album! If you ain't heard of Djimon before then get clued up... he's a dope producer from France who recently contributed 4 tracks for Wildelux aka Willmatics' debut album, "Hustlemania" and a banger for Invincibles' debut album "Shapeshifters", cop them both right here!!! I recently spoke to Djimon via email and he said he won't be working with any more MC's as it's too much of a hassle... even more reason to grab this classic! Don't Sleep!!!!



"Into The Warzone" feat. Blaq Poet (making of video)