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Jersey City, NJ--Living in the shadow of New York, Jersey never quite seems to shine like you know it could. There have been moments. We have seen crews like the Fugees and Redman, amongst others, but for some time now it seems like New Jerz has been awfully quiet. Until now (you knew that was coming); for anyone who had been sleeping on Jerz, this is the wake up according to some critics that have already begun to sing his praises. Backed by MF Grimm’s Day By Day Entertainment, Hasan Salaam unleashes his debut, Paradise Lost. Packed with solid introspective lyrics, socially conscious themes, humor and soul, Paradise Lost is bound to emerge Salaam to the masses as the new King of New Jeruzalem. But Salaam hasn’t been quick to accept the crown. He’s been carefully plodding his course for some time, honing his craft and developing his skills for the right moment. His mixtapes have garnered him attention on the college radio circuit and even won him a cover on the summer issue of Hunter College’s Shield magazine. In 2004, he was featured on FUSE TV, winning its Hip Hop for President contest only to turn down the crown. Instead, he went on 12 city college tour just to show he had his priorities straight. He has tirelessly performed all over the East Coast like a real emcee committed to his craft. Songs like “Blaxplotation” and “Fountain of Youth” are guaranteed to stir even the hardest of critics to comply, Jersey’s back. You be the judge. Take a listen and see for yourself.

1 Paradise Lost (Premenition)
2 Diaspora
3 Blaxploitation
4 Eternal Life Skit w/ HiCOUP & Sundiata
5 Fountain of Youth feat. Baron of Red Clay
6 Blues
7 One Life to Give feat. Nana Soul
8 Affair to Remember
9 Concret Watercolors feat. HiCOUP
10 Boom Bap
11 Allegro
12 Hezbollah
13 Born to a Tomb
14 Drinking Gourde
15 Prayer of a Sinner (Bonus Track)

Sick, sick album. Dude is dope on the mic... on that political type shit. Don't sleep on this classic album. Peep his MySpace to as he has a new album dropping later this year called "Children Of God"... time for you to play catch up!!




"Prayer Of A Sinner"