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1. One To 31 (Produced By: DJ Jazzy Jeff)
2. Be No Slave (Produced By: Evil Dee)
3. The Upgrade feat. Oddisee, Posdanous (of De La Soul) (Produced By: Oddisee)
4. It Don't Stop (Produced By: Yallzee)
5. The Understanding (Produced By: Probe DMS; Jon Solo)
6. The Last Third (Produced By: Probe DMS; Jon Solo)
7. Ole feat. Oddy Gato (Produced By: Usef Dinero; J-Live)
8. What You Holdin? (Produced By: Locsmif)
9. Oowee (Produced By: Kenny Keys)
10. The Zone feat. Chali 2na (of Jurassic 5) (Produced By: DJ Nu-Mark)
11. We Are! (Produced By: DJ Spinna)
12. Simmer Down (Produced By: Cap D)
13. You Out There (Produced By: Nicolay)

Serious minded wisdom from J-Live, who has been one of hip hop's most impressive lyricists as well as one of the scene's most underappreciated overall talents since the late 90s -- doing things right with beats by Jazzy Jeff, Yalizee, Locsmif, Numark, DJ Spinna, Nicolay, and Chicago's own Cap D. J-Live is a vivid storyteller, and his mic is front & center on all tracks -- really allowing him to work with a bevy of producers while retaining a tight flow. Guest vocalists include Chali 2Na, Pos from De La Soul, Oddisee and Oddy Gato. Titles include "One To 31", "Be No Slave", "The Upgrade" feat Oddisee & Posdinous, "It Don't Stop", "The Understanding", "The Last Third", "Ole" feat Oddy Gato, "Ooweee", "The Zone" feat Chali 2na, "We Are!", "Simmer Down", "You Out There" and more