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Mr Hyde returns to tear the throat out of the Hip Hop music scene with his second full-length album "Chronicles of the Beast Man." As a core member of the Psycho+Logical-Records family, Mr Hyde has been pulling double duty as a solo hip hop artist and a hype man for Necro while out on tour. His solo debut "Barn of the Naked Dead" and work as a member of hip hop super-group Circle of Tyrants (Also featuring Necro, Ill Bill, Goretex) established Mr Hyde as one of the most brutal hardcore hip hop artists in the world today.

Now in 2008, Mr Hyde is ready to bring all the brutality of an exploitation movie with the realness of the streets. Are you prepared for Chronicles of the Beast Man?

1. Severed Skintro
2. Corpse Trail Of The Beastman
3. Braaains feat. Necro
4. Shoot To Kill
5. Schizophrenic Nonsence
6. Killer Collage feat. Q-Unique, Ill Bill & DJ Eclipse
7. Demonic Harmonix (Remix)
8. Animal Intermission
9. Bloody Murder
10. Street Veteran Part 3 feat. Slaine (of La Coka Nostra)
11. Medieval
12. They Won't Stay Dead feat. Exlib & N.G.P.
13. Lord Of The Slaughter
14. Shoutro


"Killer Collage" feat. Q-Unique, Ill Bill & DJ Eclipse