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01. All My Dreams Feat. Grind
02. Bang Bang Bang Feat. The Thyrday (K-Slack Remix)
03. Classical the Great Rock Star (K-Slack Remix)
04. Control My Own Feat. The Thyrday
05. Da Grind Feat. J.Duece, Polo Phatz, Pop
06. East Durham Beef Feat. Jozeemo
07. Good Music Feat. The Thyrday (K-Slack Remix)
08. Good Die Young Feat. 50 Cent (K-Slack Remix)
09. Grind, Hustle, Go, Hard (G.H.G.H) Feat. The Faculty
10. Knockout Music Feat. Murksville USA (K-Slack Remix)
11. Lets Take a Walk
12. Moment Of Clarity Feat. Jay-Z (K-Slack Remix)
13. Right Now
14. Never More Feat. K-Hill (K-Slack Remix)
15. Some Dayz Feat. Kaze
16. P.S.A. Feat. Jay-Z (K-Slack Remix)
17. Wanna Be Yours
18. Turn It Up Feat. J.Gunn
19. Bang Bang Feat. J.Gunn
20. Ride With Me
21. Pokerface Feat. Ghostface Killah

Don't Sleep! K. Slack is an ill producer. Formerly of The Thyrday, he's now going solo (much like 9th did with Little Brother) and building his profile, soon you'll be hearing a lot more from him. For now, peep this exclusive compilation of his remixes and features! For fans of Little Brother and any of that soulful, boom bap, hip hop ish!