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"The Red Giants are the newest dynamic duo in Underground hip-hop, consisting of producer Brickbeats (Cincinnati) and emcee/producer Jermiside (Atlanta by way of Cincinnati). The two hip-hop aficionado's first crossed paths in late 2003 as Jermiside was making his rounds promoting his self released debut "The Biology Of Kingship" as Brickbeats was providing his golden era influenced backdrops for numerous rap acts in the Tri-State Area. A year later, after recording a hand full of well received songs, they decided to combine forces for a full-length release called The Red Giants. Recently Brickbeats' production talent has appeared on Neblina Records' Definition:Hip-Hop Compilation and has also served as the soundscape for half of Tanya Morgan's upcoming release "Moonlighting" meanwhile Jermiside has been making appearances on countless mixtapes and collaborating with various artists such as Ill Poetic, Von Pea, Ilwil, Shameless, Blayze McKee, Mikee & Whizzla, Beat Tribe Productions, Skee Tha Sergon and others.

Listen to track 6, "Illustrious Brothers" feat. Von Pea
Listen to track 10, "Satisfied"

01 - The Red Giants (Intro)
02 - Soundgazing
03 - Magnificent
04 - Do Ya Thang
05 - FP
06 - Illustrious Brothers (Featuring Von Pea)
07 - They Say
08 - DDF
09 - Good Morning America
10 - Satisfied
11 - Pair-A-Dice Island
12 - Oneder Years
13 - Jealousy
14 - Beautiful Day
15 - Coweards Course
16 - The Red Giants (Outro)


This album is a straight up classic!! Beats, rhymes, everything... you owe it to yourself to check this album out. If you dig it, make sure you buy it for the ridiculous price of $2 at!!! I bought mine already, the best bargain you'll ever get for a dope ass cd like this one!!!