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Just when you thought rap music would never regain its integrity, and the essence of the art form was permanently replaced by all that glitters, unrealistic street tales (that manifest into jail time) and fatalities, here lies a beacon of hope. Olskool Ice-Gre, best known as the male half of the Chicago Hip Hop duo Abstract Mindstate, is the light at the end of a dark tunnel that has been labeled Hip Hop. A true emcee since the glory days of his group, this Southside Chi native never abandoned the roots of what made Rap music the most viable genre. Raised in the Englewood community, a section of the city that has earned status as the highest crime rated area in Chicago has yet to influence a line of content in Olskool’s poetry. He chooses to rhyme about hope, relationships, faith and life from a regular guy perspective. His penchant for wordplay, metaphors and double entendre’s transform everyday dialogue into a thought provoking conversation piece. It’s all about the art to Ice-Gre which is why Olskool is the prefix to his name. " I added Olskool to my name years ago. It’s my way of showing respect to the forefathers as well as embracing the term Old School which is the period in Hip Hop that inspires me most.". These days you can find Olskool Ice-Gre spending equal time in Los Angeles and Chicago working on various music related projects. If you’re a person who enjoys honest, truthful, intelligent lyrics over hard hitting soulful beats then Olskool Ice-Gre Tha Gud Dr. can make a house call.

1. The Introduction
2. A Great Bargain (More)
3. Identical To None
4. One Long Wednesday
5. Special Dark (My Baby)
6. Thankful
7. Tuesday Afternoon
8. Alex In Wonderland
9. Betelgeuse (Shining Star)
10. Revelation 2:18
11. Back To The Future
12. Happiness vs. Wealth
13. My New Baby
14. A Wonderful World
15. Mental Regurgitation
16. This Is It (feat. Soltre' James)
17. A Rap Tale
18. God's Soldier
19. A Rose Named Rose
20. Decisions
*All songs produced by Rashid Hadee

Don't sleep on this!!!! Dude is nice on the mic with his female rhyme partner from Abstract Mindstate. This first solo album/mixtape is bangin' from start to finish and all produced by man of the moment, Rashid Hadee!!! Don't forget to check out all material on Rashid Hadee and Abstract Mindstate right here on this blog... get searching!!!