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Three excellent artists from Boston have come together to form a supergroup. Akrobatik, Mr. Lif, and DJ Fakts One are each unique as they join together to form The Perceptionists. Mr. Lif released the magnificent "I Phantom" album on Definitive Jux along with 2 solid EPs. His unique voice, political views, quick flow, and insightful lyrics are unmatched by anyone. Akrobatik's debut album, "Balance" (released on Coup D'Etat) was also a superb LP which consisted of hungry energy, intelligent lyricism, and a variety of creative topics. DJ Fakts One produced tracks for both artists. While LPs from supergroups are a hit or miss affair, The "Black Dialogue" LP by The Perceptionists is an excellent experience which is both thought provoking and fun.

1. Let's Move (Produced by Fakts One)
2. People 4 Prez (Prod. by El-P)
3. Blo (Produced by El-P)
4. Memorial Day (Produced by Cyrus The Great)
5. Love Letters (Produced by Willie Evans Jr.)
6. Black Dialogue (Produced by Wille Evans Jr.)
7. Frame Rupture (Produced by El-P)
8. What Have We Got To Lose?!? (Produced by Cyrus The Great)
9. Party Hard feat. Guru & Camu Tao (Produced by Camu Tao)
10. Career Finders feat. Humpty Hump (aka Shock G) (Produced by Fakts One)
11. 5 O'Clock feat. Phonte (of Little Brother) (Produced by Fakts One)
12. Breath In The Sun (Prod. by Willie Evans Jr.)