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Praverb was influenced by the innovators of hip hop and continues to deliver hip hop with substance. His music speaks volumes on our society and culture as human beings. He is humble and has confidence in his skills as an artist. He's not trying to be the flashy emcee on TV with superstar status, but rather the well respected emcee. This emcee is the epitome of positive or conscious hip-hop. Fed up with the current state of hip-hop, Praverb continues to deliver knowledge to the masses. This positive emcee has a dedicated fan base due to performing, networking and the internet. He spends his downtime writing poems and recording them.

Listen to track 4, "Freedom To Prevail"

1. Perfect Intro (Prod. by Cold Legistics)
2. Back In The Days (Prod. by Destro)
3. Dead 2 Sin (Prod. by Streetwize)
4. Freedom To Prevail (Prod. by Teddy Roxpin)
5. Rain (Prod. by Destro)
6. I Grind, You Grind feat. Trinidad (Prod. by Teddy Roxpin)
7. Tatianna (Prod. by Teddy Roxpin)
8. You Know Me (Prod. by Agonist)
9. Time Is Ticking (Prod. by Agonist)
10. Represent (Prod. by Frelami)
11. Ordinary Day (Prod. by DJ Keor)
12. Trading Places (Prod. by DJ Keor)

Don't sleep on this dude, album is dope as hell!!! Nice lyrics backed by some ill production including 3 beats by one of best up and coming producers on the block, Teddy Roxpin

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