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Veteran New York-based and Wu-Tang Clan affiliated emcees Hell Razah and Shabazz the Disciple commit to shining a light on the Red Hook housing projects that served as a creative breeding ground for many mid-nineties independent emcees. Boasting a deeply rooted history with The Wu-Tang lan, Razah and Shabazz were core members of the storied Wu-Tang
affiliated group Sunz of Man, guested on RZA's classic Gravediggaz LP and much more. Now, assuming the roles of tour guide, Razah and Shabazz both pay homage to and illuminate the significance of the Red Hook Houses in the development of early/mid nineties "golden age" hip-hop.

1. Cab Ride (Opening)
2. Welcome To Red Hook Houses
3. Jail Saga
4. The Obiturary (E.B.G.G.)
5. My Brothers Keeper
6. Gang Love
7. South Brooklyn (The Anthem)
8. Audiobiography Remix
9. Apt. 7G (Blacksmiths)
10. The Visit feat. 7th Ambassador
11. Under The Wing
12. Confessions Of A T.H.U.G. Angel (Closing)
13. 144,000


Peep the interview with Hell Razah & Shabazz The Disciple... watch when Hell Razah mentions a story bout a kid comin up up to him and sayin' "Yo, is your name Hell Razah?! like Hell Rell?!!!" Shit was mad funny!!