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It is urban legend that Pink Floyd's "The Dark Side Of The Moon", if started on the third roar of the MGM lion, synchs up with the movie picture "The Wizard of Oz". The new 12-track Problemaddicts album, "The Dark Side Of Oz", is "The Dark Side Of The Moon" remixed with the SOUNDTRACK of "The Wizard Of Oz", playing on the sonic consistencies of this phenomenon. The project holds the spirit of a mash up Hip Hop concept album, yet is far from limited to the Rap demographic. Enjoy!

1. The 3rd Roar (Intro) (Produced By: Tone; DJ Theory)
2. Over The Colour You Like (Produced By: Tone)
3. Money feat. Platypus Complex (Produced By: DJ Theory)
4. Somewhere feat. Lex Boogie, Blacastan (Produced By: DJ Theory)
5. Breathe feat. Agent 23 (aka Cactus of G.F.E.), Adam Strange (Produced By: Tone)
6. If I Only Had Brain Damage (Produced By: Tone)
7. Syzygy (Produced By: Tone)
8. Dead Time feat. Agent 23 (aka Cactus of G.F.E.), Platypus Complex (Produced By: Tone)
9. Home (Produced By: Tone; DJ Theory)
10. No Puzzle (Produced By: Tone; DJ Theory)
11. Runaway (Produced By: Tone) -
12. The Last Gig In The Sky (Produced By: DJ Theory)