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Shawn Jackson's latest project, "First of All..." is a highly anticipated album that aims to satisfy true fans that feel a void within quality hip hop music. The album is a wonderful balance of sounds which features artists such as Guilty Simpson (Stones Throw Records), Ty of Ty & Kory, Double K (People Under the Stairs), Ta'Raach (C.R.A.C.), Beloved, and Comel of the group Time Machine. It's balance and well rounded features give listeners something that is often missing from hip hop, and further proves that Shawn Jackson is one of the strongest MCs in the game to date. His swagger, rhyme play, and well thought out content sets a high standard for those that choose to follow.

01. How Ya'll Feel?? 04:14
02. First Of All... 03:10
03. Soopafly (feat. Ty of Ty & Kory) 03:55
04. Fix Ya Face 03:28
05. Traveling Salesmen (feat. Comel of Time Machine) 01:16
06. Gold Medal Kids (feat. Beloved & Comel of Time Machine) 04:40
07. Backstage 02:32
08. Strategies (feat. Guilty Simpson) 03:54
09. Go There With You (feat. Ty of Ty & Kory) 03:49
10. Feelin' Jack 04:16
11. Countdown 04:43
12. Hate Down 02:29
13. Maan Up! (feat. Taraach & Big Tone) 03:34


Peep two music videos off the hot album "First Of All..." Dope ish!!!! don't sleep on this dude!

Shawn Jackson feat. Ty - Soopafly

Shawn Jackson - Feelin' Jack