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The crystallized result of one man’s unflappable drive and determination to make shit happen, The Construction’s every word is S.O.U.L. Purpose front runner Mazzi’s life in Chilltown, synthesized from eyes to his brain and straight out his mouth. No subliminals. If you’re the type of cat who needs a co-signer, we got Wordsworth, C-Rayz Walz, Murs, Special K, Big Zoo, Block McCloud, Paze and Redskin all leaning in heavy on this one. Immortal Technique gets my vote for best guest turn on track 18 - “The Other White Meat” (brutal). But really though, it’s tracks like number 5 – “Tonelle Avenue” that let you know this is Maz’s album because this album comes from where Maz comes from. It’s East Coast hardcore shit – hard drums for hard knocks, and soul melodies for one S.O.U.L. purpose.

1. Step Up (Intro)
2. The Product feat. Block McCloud
3. Cut The Rug
4. Way That We Live…
5. Tonelle Ave. (Chilltown Swing)
6. 1 & 9 feat. Big Zoo & Special K
7. Concrete Jungle
8. Boob Tube
9. No Good
10. I’m Pacin’ (Back To Life)
11. Knucklehead feat. Poison Pen
12. Universal Condition feat. Murs
13. Porno Star
14. Lemons feat. Red Skin
15. Real OG’s
16. Rampage feat. C-Rayz Walz
17. Dry Spells feat. Wordsworth
18. The Other White Meat feat. Immortal Technique