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The release ‘No Place Like Chrome’ represents a major coup for ANTIDOTE RECORDS is that APATHY is considered one of the hottest MCs in America.

’No Place like Chrome’ is an album filled with witty observations, sharp production and guest appearances that bring the album to life. Featuring cameos from J-ZONE, MAJIK MOST and RUGGED the album is a great showcase of the talents of Apathy and Celph Titled are set to become amongst the biggest names in the US Hip Hop scene.

01. Naturally Nasty 03:28
02. Sound of The Clap 04:04
03. 88 Mindstate 02:57
04. Fix Your Face 03:22
05. S.M.D. 03:53
06. Maybe 03:53
07. Bad Attitudes (Ft. One Two) 03:23
08. Donkey Ass (Ft. Majik Most) 03:33
09. Nut Reception (Ft. J-Zone) 03:51
10. Save The Day 04:22
11. Drink Specials (Ft. Tzarizm, Phil The Agony & Rugged 03:58