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People do not associate Vermont very closely with hip hop music. PRO (originally from Monreal, Quebec) Learic (originally from Washington DC), and DJ Big Kat will to change that. After 10 years of solo efforts, these 3 joined forces in 2005 and formed, The Aztext.

The Aztext have completed their highly anticipated debut album, “Haven't You Heard?” in 2006, whose single 'Who's Wit Us?' hit number 2 on national college radio charts giving The Aztext a major boost on the Underground Hip Hop scene. “Haven’t You Heard?” was Hip Hop Album of the Year in the Free Press Publication and earned a spot as top 10 album (in all genres) in the Seven Days publication. The album features legendary hip hop acts such as, Krumbsnatcha of the Gangstarr Foundation, Q-Unique of the Rock Steady Crew and formerly of The Arsonists, Wordsworth of the Lyricist Lounge Show, Double A.B. and The Loyalists.

Listen to track 5, "Who's Wit Us?" feat. Krumbsnatcha (Prod. by Dub Sonata)

01. Intro
02. It's True feat. Memms
03. Breakthru
04. Learn To Talk
05. Who's Wit Us? feat. Krumbsnatcha
06. Better Act Like You Know
07. Something To Say feat. Double A.B.
08. When I Say…
09. The Game feat. Q-Unique
10. You Is You
11. 9 To 5
12. The Ultiamte Tag Team
13. Haven't You Heard? feat. Wordsworth
14. This Right Here
15. Learn To Talk II
16. Reverie feat. The Loyalists

Dope, dope, dope album from these two ill cats out of Vermont! This is what hip hop is all about, beats and rhymes baby... and it's right it here in one nice neat little package. Production comes from E Train and one of my top beat makers right now, Dub Sonata... don't sleep!!!