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New England and Vermont based hip-hop trio; PRO, Learic and DJ Big Cat, have been plying their trade in the hip-hop world for over a decade and joined forces in 2005 to form "The Aztext". Following on from their acclaimed 2006 debut release, "Haven't You Heard", The Aztext are back to rock the hip-hop community with their varied 19 track sophomore release, "The Sacred Document". Production by Dub Sonata, E Train, Touchponics, Special Weapon, Nastee, and The Aztext.

Listen to track 3, "Lettin' You Know" feat. One Be Lo (Prod. by Dub Sonata)

01. Evolution
02. We Back
03. Lettin' You Know (Ft. One Be Lo)
04. Keepin' It Live
05. Couldn't Stand The Pain
06. Pay Attention
07. Blues & Jazz
08. Adventures Of
09. Roll Call
10. All I See (Ft. Memms)
11. Move Into Position
12. Life Of An MC
13. East Coast Air (Ft. Double A.B. & Rich Mo)
14. Our Kingdom (Ft. Mac Lethal)
15. Lookin' Out My Window
16. Back 2 Basics
17. Lettin' You Know (Ft. One Be Lo) (Radio Edit)
18. Roll Call (Radio Edit)
19. Back 2 Basics (Radio Edit)

More dopeness from these Vermont cats and again backed by some dope production including powerhouse, Dub Sonata!!!