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Blacastan is an official hip hop head grounded in early 90's hip hop music. He's carryin' the torch for the real shit. Stay tuned to the real shit.

1. Intro
2. The Life of A Tape
3. I'm Back Feat. Lex
4. Real Niggas
5. The Devil's Advocate Prod By. Low-Profile
6. Freestyle Skit
7. Born Here Featuring Nolie
8. Write It Down Feat. El The Sensai, D.O.S.
9. Diamond Chips Prod By. Paul Poundz
10. Want Beef
11. 05' Freestyle Prod By. Paul Poundz
12. Canolies Prod By. Low-Profile
13. Add On Feat. El The Sensai, DJ Stress
14. War Stories Prod By Paul Poundz
15. All Night Feat. P.E.S.O.
16. Thats What I Like
17. Don't Need That Prod By. Paul Poundz
18. The Click Feat. Paul Poundz, Nolie
19. Outro Prod By. Paul Poundz

Think of Nas' "I Gave You Power" & Cormegas' "Rap's A Hustle" and you got an idea of the track "Life Of A Tape", an instant classic track in my book, peep the video below! The rest of the mixtape is fire to, he has a real gruff voice and spits clearly on every track. This is more of an introduction into who Blacastan is, repping Conneticut which is where rap god, Apathy is from! Trust me, give this a listen, you wil not be dissappointed. More info to come on his forthcoming debut album, "Columbian Blac"!


"The Life Of A Tape"