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Blacastan MySpace Page

1 Intro
2 Waco
3 Rules of Engagement
4 Undeniable
5 Vendetta
6 Reporting Live
7 Jed Stevens (Skit)
8 Mindstate
9 Comming for the Crown
10 Porn Star (Interlude)
11 Two Gods
12 Colt Leader (Skit)
13 Killing Fields
14 Make Way
15 Choose(skit)
16 Choose One
17 Revolt
18 Ohh (Skit)
19 Words Is Power
20 Archangels
21 Envy

One of the best kept secrets in the world of underground hip hop, this album went under the radar when it dropped last year. Finally I get to share it with you, this album is dope as fuck, headed by up-coming MC, Blacastan, who has a new album, "Columbian Blac" coming real soon (peep the MySpace)! Don't know too much about the group members (think there maybe four) but whenI do, I'll post up more info but for now, take my word for it, IT'S A VERY GOOD FUCKING ALBUM!!! Don't sleep, this is what real hip hop is partly about, discovering new acts like this every day. Cop it, give it a couple spins and lemme know what you think of it.