The Chosen Few is the second album from Hip Hop collective Boot Camp Clik, the first album released from the Clik or any affiliate since 1999. The effort received very strong reviews, and the singles "And So" and "Think Back" received moderate video play. The Chosen Few was the first Boot Camp album released on an independent label, with sales reaching just over 60,000 copies in the United States. The album features seven of the eight original members, Buckshot, the Cocoa Brovaz, Sean Price of Heltah Skeltah and O.G.C., with Heltah Skeltah's Rock being the only absent member.

01. Intro: YO Boot Camp!
02. And So
03. Let's Get Down 2 Bizness
04. Let's Roll
05. Welcome To Bucktown U.S.A. (Feat. Supreme & Scratch)
06. That's Tough (Little Bit)
07. Yeah What Eva (Skit)
08. Had It Up 2 Here (Feat. Illa Noyz)
09. Whoop His Ass (Feat. Rufus Blaq)
10. Daddy Wanna
11. Ice Skate (Feat. Danielle Henry)
12. Just Us
13. Think Back (Feat. Jahdan)
14. The Chosen Few (Live For This)
15. Outro: Words From Tek

Probably my favourite Boot Camp album, they came back hard with their second effort, bringin back Da Beatminerz, along with heavywights like The Alchemist & Hi-Tek! The album gets off to a brilliant start with "And So" (my favourite track on the album) and continues with the dope Alchemist produced "Let's Get Down To Bizness", apart from the Hi-Tek laced "Ice Skate" (which just screams out mainstream everytime I hear it, it has a very corny chorus which doesn't do the rest of the album justice at all, not a bad beat, just not for BCC!) the whole album is a straight banger! Rock is definitely sorely missed but the rest of the crew, especially Sean P, who's an absolute beast on this album, more than make up for it. This was seen as sort of a comeback album as they were out of the wilderness for 3 years, it has a comback feel to it and boy do they make a statement with this album... for me I give this classic status! Get involved, real hip hop is alive and well, repped to the fullest by the BCC! Corny ass rappers sit the fuck down, this is grown man music!!!


"And So"

"Think Back"