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Buff1 built up a massive buzz based on his 2007 debut album "Pure" and he is standing right at the forefront of the burgeoning Detroit hip hop scene. Even with his solid debut that was deemed 'classic' in a review on, his sophomore effort "There's Only One" shows tremendous growth and should keep his buzz growing. Detroit production outfit the LabTechs lead the way on production, with additional help from Black Milk, Now On, Athletic Mic League, and more.

01. There's Only One (feat. Mayer Hawthorne)
02. Goodness Music
03. Beat The Speakers Up
04. Dream Streets
05. Man Up (feat. Vaughan T)
06. I Know The Secret
07. The Sky
08. Classic Rap
09. Love The Love (feat. Tres Styles)
10. Never Fall (feat. Black Milk)
11. Rain Dance
12. Numbers Can't Measure (feat. Now On)
13. Real Appeal (feat. Ab)
14. Electrifying Music Maker (feat. DJ Rhettmatic)
15. Goin Nowhere
16. Once