Cunninlynguists first dropped "Will Rap for Food" to little fanfare. Unless you're from Kentucky, Cunninlynguists probably wasn't on your radar at that point. That album, over time, really started to generate a fan base. DJ Kno really came thru with the production and Deacon just has that infatuating southern drawl to his flow. That album was thankfully reissued this year for all those who slept the first time around. Kno and Deacon went on to drop their sophomore album "Southernunderground" on Fresh Chest Records to solid reviews. God, they should have flowed on that "War" beat. Cunninlynguists now comes at you with the all-new studio album "A Piece of Strange" after doing the solo thing with Mr. SOS and dropping a few mix tapes in between. You might have heard "Caved In" with Cee-lo as it was available in honor of Katrina Victims. These guys just keep getting better, with DJ Kno set to drop a full length production album pretty soon they show no signs of slowing down either.

01. Where Will You Be?
02. Since When?
03. Nothing To Give
04. Caved In (Feat. Cee-Lo Green)
05. Hourglass
06. Beautiful Girl
07. Inhale (Interlude)
08. Brain Cell
09. America Loves Gangsters (Feat. Tim Means)
10. Never Know Why (Feat. Immortal Technique)
11. The Gates (Feat. Tonedeff)
12. Damnation (Interlude)
13. Hellfire
14. Remember Me (Abstract Reality)
15. What'll You Do?
16. The Light (Feat. Club Dub)

Another standout album from the Lynguists. Very different from their first two as this has a lot more deeper lyrics and is basically a concept album. Do not sleep, nice cover to!!