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The 27 track CD features all new songs, remixes and all original production by Deacon The Villain and Kno. Features include Natti of Kynfolk, Celph Titled, Cashmere The PRO, Mr. SOS, QN5 Allstars and others.

01. Cornasto
02. WQN5 Station ID #1
03. Play Hard (Feat. Masta Ace) (Knomercy: The Difference Vol. 2 Preview)
04. The Party (Skit)
05. What They Playin' (Blow My High) (Feat. Natti)
06. Being Human's Hard (Feat. Kynfolk & Versatile)
07. Fear (Feat. Tonedeff, Mr. Mecca, Session & PackFM)
08. Clap (Feat. Cashmere The Pro, Celph Titled & Oktober)
09. WQN5 Station ID #2
10. Wachugondo (Feat. Beatnuts) (Knomercy: The Difference Vol. 2 Preview)
11. Break Even (Feat. Natti & Tripp Doogan)
12. Brain Over Muscle (Feat. Chapter 13)
13. Time (What Is It?) (Feat. Mr. S.O.S.)
14. Friendgirl (Feat. Cashmere The Pro)
15. Porcelain (Remix) (Feat. Tonedeff)
16. Miss Lady (Feat. Mr. S.O.S.)
17. 'Til The End (C.A.L.I.) (Feat. Inverse, Trek Life & Deacon The Villain)
18. The Talk (Skit)
19. Since When? (Feat. Natti) (A Piece Of Strange Preview)
20. Mind Won't Behave (Feat. Natti & Mr. S.O.S.)
21. It's Over (Feat. Blue Collar)
22. Be Free (Remix) (Feat. Natti)
23. W.C.G. (Feat. Natti)
24. Diamond Sky (Feat. Natti)
25. WQN5 Station ID #3
26. What'll You Do? (A Piece Of Strange Preview)
27. Outro