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Following up there critically acclaimed release Southernunderground The Cunninlynguists are back with a collection of unreleased remixes and freestyles. Production from Kno, Domingo and Deacon.

01. We're From The Internet
02. Pump It Up Freestyle (Feat. Natti)
03. Watch Yo Mowf
04. Over The Hills (Feat. Natti & Bonified Circle)
05. P.T.A. (Feat. Masta Ace, King Tee & J-Ro)
06. Skew It On The Bar-B Freestyle
07. Chico And The Man LP Drop
08. Interlude 1
09. Love Ain't (Remix) (Feat. Tonedeff)
10. Deacon The Villain LP Drop
11. Affirmative Action Freestyle
12. Sticky Green (Feat. Mr. S.O.S. & Showtime)
13. Earth's Essence (Feat. Mr. S.O.S.)
14. If U Only Knew (Feat. KRS-One & Anetra)
15. Off The Chain (Feat. J. Bully)
16. Mic Like A Memory (Remix) (Feat. Kory Calico)
17. The Fellationelles
18. Nasty Filthy (Remix) (Feat. Substantial & J. Bully)
19. Irrational (Feat. Sean Price)
20. Dem Thangs Freestyle
21. Never Scared Freestyle
22. Lay Low Freestyle
23. Seasons (Remix) (Feat. Masta Ace)
24. Made You Look Freestyle
25. Rock Stars (Feat. Chapter 13)
26. Welcome To NY Freestyle
27. Mr. S.O.S. LP Drop
28. Rap Name Freestyle
29. Cashmere The Pro LP Drop
30. Magic Stick Freestyle (Feat. Nuke, Cashmere The Pro & Mac Lethal)

PhotobucketPart 1
PhotobucketPart 2