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This jazz and dancehall-influenced Brooklyn duo consisting of Izzy, the MC, and Majesty, the DJ made some rumblings in 1993 with their one and only LP, Contemporary Jeep Music, primarily on the strength of two singles, "Flip Da Script" and "Tears." Conceived and produced by Atlanta hip-hop mogul, Dallas Austin, the duo's sound is jazzy East Coast hip-hop with a slight southern twang. Although slightly reminiscent of Pete Rock & CL Smooth, their sound is relatively distinct. Izzy's voice and lyrical ability are quite superb and the album still sounds smooth and fairly fresh today. Unfortunately, the duo was unable to carve out their own niche in the early '90s between the hardcore pillars of Onyx and Naughty By Nature, and rarely a peep has been heard from them since.

1. Intro (Contemporary Jeep Music)
2. Let's Take a Trip
3. Flip Da Scrip
4. Interlude 1 (MC A$$h*le)
5. Krak Da Weazel
6. Interlude 2 (Amusement Park)
7. Brain 2 U
8. Tears
9. Soul Shack Interlude
10. Ghetto Instinct
11. Mr. All That
12. Interlude 3 (Jazz Skit)
13. This Is How We Do
14. Interlude 4 (Izzy Sings Da Blues)
15. Lost My Mind
16. Represent
17. Crack Da Weasel (Dat Other S***)
18. What's Up Doc

Yooooooo, this shit takes me bizzack!!! I got into hip hop hard around 91-92 onwards and I remember this duo amongst all the other great albums that came out around this time. Seriously, this a hidddem gem, classic, whatever ya wanna call it, it's dope as hell and still sounds fresh today. For those not familiar with Da King & I or any albums from this period then get clued up. This is one of the best 90's hip hop albums, period!!! Seein as this is such a classic, I'll throw up a couple of videos they did just to prove how ill they were... "Tears" (which is probably better than the Wu-Tang joint of the same name) and "Krak Da Weasel".



"Krak Da Weasel"