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Philly's Side Effect has been puttin it down for a long minute. His experience is evident in his creative flow and dope wordplay that makes "Rocking Chair Theory" one of the best independant releases so far this year.

The 11-track album starts off with the intro, "Rocking Chair Theory," where Side drops an encouraging message about following your dreams so you're not looking back thinking "what if?" Stress of Krush Unit, who produced the whole album, laces Side with bangers like "Spitacular," and "What's in the Future?" "Spitacular" has a bouncy beat that has Side wylin out on a track that you can't help but love. And "What's in the Future?" features another dope Philly MC in the name of Splitt. This is the only guest appearance on the album, and the chemistry between Splitt and Side is crazy, as this is one of the strongest tracks on the album. "Summertime" is a light track that'll sound great on a warm day. "Take it on Back" is another strong track that has Side dropping a nice social commentary on the world and Hip Hop. "Get Retarded" is another tight track that has Side tracing his Hip Hop roots back to the days when he used to watch his father rhyme.

What I really like about Side is that he has a vision for Hip Hop. He's got his own style, voice, and delivery, and he makes it work. He doesn't sound like anyone else out there now, and Stress is crazy on the production tip. Not a lot of albums come out that I'm really feeling, but this is definitely one of those that stay in rotation.

1 Rocking Chair Theory (Intro)
2 Guesss What
3 What's In The Future feat. Splitt
4 Summertime
5 Great
6 Get Retarded
7 Knockin'
8 Take It On Back
9 She's the DJ, I'm the Rapper
10 Tonight
11 Spitacular